Do you know who you are?

In my life experience i see examples of people living preprogrammed lives all the time. When asked why they did something they often cannot respond. I love asking people why they go to work. It speaks to motivation. Funny thing is that for the first minute or two no one can answer me because I took away the “for the money” answer.

Just once I would love to hear someone say i go because i get to make a difference there. Until then I will continue to use such questions as an opportunity to learn about the human condition.

Who are you?

this fundamental question cuts to the core of each human being. Yet few do the deep internal work to actually answer it. Is it because they don’t know they should ask the question? Is it because they are afraid of the possible answers?

Regardless it is critical to know. You see there are beliefs and assumptions operating in your subconscious mind that govern your behavior and hence your life success. Not knowing these is really like trying to drive a car with a blindfold on (think Ricky Bobby in Taledega Nights).

When we know who we are at the deepest levels we can respond to every day stressors with peace and wisdom rather than react in unpredictable often damaging ways.

I believe this to be the starting place of truly effective leadership. If you want to learn more about who you are, may I suggest chapter 1 of The First Questions where you will face powerful questions that will make you think and reflect.

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