Why the First Questions? Why Leadership Development?

Great question!

Simply I wrote this book to help you overcome the challenges of developing leadership abilities while performing a role every day. Honestly reacting to the challenges of each day is not going to cut it in developing you. Leadership development requires something more intentional than that insanity. No a leader reflects on what happens to them. They understand the major events that occur and breaking them down so as to learn from them and apply what they learn in the future. Soon they are looking at what is about to happen rather than just resting to what already has.

Contrary to what you may believe leadership can be learned! Contrary to what you may have believed, leadership starts between your ears and in your heart.

Leadership is┬ánot a management skill but rather a way of interacting and communicating that looks to achieve great results. It is so different from the rest of what most managers do that most honestly don’t know what I am talking about. In fact if you consider John Maxwells law of the Lid. If you have a manager with a leadership ability of 5 on a scale of 1-10. What level leader do you think they will hire?! At absolute best another 5 but realistically a 3 or 4. Weak leaders rarely hire those better than themselves besides a “5” wouldn’t know an “8” if they bumped into one. Further how much can our 5 leader help their new hire leader grow? Well they can help them get to a 5 at best. Magnify this concept across most businesses today and you quickly see the crisis in leadership capacity! Each generation of leader without a commitment to growth will be the same or weaker than the last.

The First Questions is a book I wrote to help you understand what leadership development is from a perspective that starts with your own unique person. Leadership is not some cookie cutter skill set. Thank God for that! No it is a set of skills, traits and abilities that when coupled with the unique person becomes an ability to achieve.

Heres to your leadership growth

Lead On!


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